Start Accepting Card Payments with ACP

In April 7, 2017
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Is your business ready to start accepting card payments?

The answer is most likely YES!

  • Businesses that start to accept card payments on average see a sales increase of 20-25%.
  • Payments made by card continue to grow year upon year.
  • Some of your customers would prefer to pay by card.
  • Increased sales because customers are not limited to cash.
  • New mail, telephone, and online sales opportunities.
  • Impulse purchasing opportunities.
  • Staff handle less cash, reducing the potential for simple mistakes.

Finding the right payment provider can be difficult and confusing…

This is where ACP comes in. Accept Card Payments can help you find:

  • The right merchant account
  • For the right price
  • Tailored to your business needs

If you are new to accepting card payments and are just not sure what type of merchant account you need, let ACP help you find the right solution. Even if you currently accept card payments, ACP can help you find a better rates, better service and overall better deal! Whether you want to accept card payments in person, online, by phone or even out and about, ACP can help you get the right payment solution for the right price.

We offer independent impartial advice, helping you find the bespoke payment solution that is right for your business.

Get your FREE quote today by simply visiting

Call and speak to an ACP specialist on 0333 305 4500

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