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In May 18, 2016
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Waiting in a takeaway queue is something customers don’t really want to do. An app could get you more customers with the ease of use, and it’s really the way forward for consumers and businesses.

Research reveals people save over 2 hours a week due to apps!

Since apps can be used on the go, in-between jobs and with less distraction than when using a desktop computer, the new catalogue app aims to help people get what they need faster, and move on to the tasks in hand.

To find out whether apps help people save time, Speedy Services surveyed 2,000 people in the UK asking how much time they save with apps.

– 53.5% say apps help them save time
– On average, over 2 hours are saved each week due to apps’ ability to help get things done
– 1 in 10 people say they save over 5 hours a week, thanks to apps
– Millennials save more time with apps, with 62.4% of 18-24 year olds saying they save time
– This compares to over 65s, of which 62.3% say they do not save time with apps
– People in England (where 53.8% save time) and Wales (where 55.1% save time) are more likely to save time with apps, compared to people in Scotland, of which 55.6% say they do not save time with apps

Survey generated 2,000 responses from UK residents. Results weighted for statistical validity. Survey ran through Google consumer surveys. Full responses:
– I save time with apps – 53.5%
* Apps save me over 5 hours a week – 13.6%
* Apps save me around 4 hours a week – 4.2%
* Apps save me around 3 hours a week – 7.1%
* Apps save me around 2 hours a week – 10.6%
* Apps save me around 1 hour a week – 18.0%
– I do not save any time with apps – 46.5%


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