Restaurant owner convicted: This is not a reflection of restaurants across the UK!

In May 24, 2016
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A restaurant owner convicted of manslaughter, by not following correct procedure for health and safety within a catering business is not a reflection of UK’s restaurant and catering sector.

The restaurant industry is ever increasingly more accountable to all of its stake holders, businesses have never needed to be as transparent in their everyday activities as they are today.

The need to follow health and hygiene procedure has made those businesses who maybe lapse think about what they are doing to maintain procedure in the work place.

Consumers need to be rest assured and have confidence that restaurants are very concerned with the news that hit the media yesterday of a restaurant owner’s conviction and endeavour to hope this is an isolated incident.

Up and down the country both consumers and restaurateurs are feeling a heartfelt sadness for Paul Wilson, 38, who suffered severe anaphylactic shock and died in January 2014 after eating a takeaway containing peanuts.Story

Owner of the Indian Garden in Easingwold, Yorkshire, Mohammed Zaman, 52, was found guilty at Teesside Crown Court.

The court heard he cut corners by using cheaper ingredients containing peanuts. Zaman, denied he was responsible but a jury was told he switched almond powder for a cheaper ground nut mix, which contained peanuts.

Mr Wilson, a bar manager from Helperby, North Yorkshire, specified “no nuts” when he ordered a chicken tikka masala – an instruction which was written on his order and on the lid of his takeaway.

He died three weeks after a different customer with a peanut allergy bought a meal from one of Mr Zaman’s six restaurants and had a reaction requiring hospital treatment.

The restaurateur had a “reckless and cavalier attitude to risk” and “put profit before safety” at all his outlets, the jury was told.

This case is a very tragic event, and can only be seen as an example to remind the industry our imperative it is for the stakeholders to support government legislation and guidelines which are there to support both consumers and the industry.  

A food safety management system including a risk assessment and temperature recording diary (this is your only line of defence in the event of prosecution) – Safer Food Better Business from the FSA

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