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In October 23, 2017
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Global talent acquisition and management specialist, Alexander Mann Solutions, has asked employers to proactively consider how the Apprenticeship Levy could benefit their businesses. The suggestion comes after West London College published data suggesting that just over a third (37%) of eligible firms fully understand the initiative, with 80% of respondents believing that businesses must be better engaged in using the Levy.

The findings support Alexander Mann Solutions’ own research in this area. Earlier this year a survey of senior HR leaders found that under half (47%) of this group had sufficient information and guidance on the Levy. This is despite the fact that over two thirds (70%) believe that the initiative will ultimately create a new route into the workplace to supplement or rival graduate intake.

Tim Campbell, Head of Client Services, Emerging Talent, Alexander Mann Solutions, comments:

“While, in our experience, many major employers are embracing the opportunities created by the Apprenticeship Levy, it’s concerning that too many businesses still find themselves unaware of the benefits on offer.”

“It seems there are genuine and widespread knowledge gaps around how the Levy works and employers should invest time in researching how they can make the Levy advantageous to both their organisation and the emerging talent to be impacted. Those which do not, risk missing out on a means to retaining existing talent, access to diverse candidate pools and government funding.”

“What was obvious when researching our latest white paper, The Apprenticeship Levy – How to turn a major social change (or an unwanted tax) into a robust talent strategy, is that there is still so much uncertainty surrounding the Levy, not least a distinct lack of clarity about exactly what Levy funds can be spent on. And, in particular, whether they can be used to set-up and maintain the in-house structures which will make new programmes work to maximum effect. However decision makers do not have to look far to find the support and advice they need.”

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