Caffè di Artisan: The High Profit Luxury Coffee System for your establishment. With Zero Investment, Zero Risk…only customer delight

In May 21, 2018
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Allow us to introduce Caffè di Artisan: The Biggest Innovation In Coffee Since 1884


Want to Serve Luxury Coffee in your establishment? Without any investments whatsoever, in expensive, space-gobbling, hard to maintain machines; or in baristas? Want to drive valuable traffic to your outlets through the day by offering an assortment of exotic coffees? Want consistent quality that doesn’t depend on individual machines and barista skills?

Caffè di Artisan’s International Award Winning Luxury Liquid Single Shot Coffee Pods are the Perfect solution for serving Luxury Coffee in your restaurant. Caffè di Artisan is truly game-changing: Uber-Luxe Coffee Without Machines, Zero Investment, Zero Maintenance. Zero Hassles. You can now serve a range of coffee drinks; Espresso, Latté, Cappuccino, Americano, Frappé – each ready in less than a minute. Most important of all, this is exquisite, luxury coffee, in a variety of exotic beans (Colombian, Indian, Organic, Ethiopian etc) that will delight your customers, drive traffic during off-peak hours and add straight to your bottomline.

See the profit proposition: Even at a conservative selling price of GBP 2.2-2.5 per coffee, you have a clear profit of GBP 1.5-1.8 per cup, AFTER including the cost of pods plus incidentals like milk, cups etc. And remember: no extra investment or employee costs. If the outlet sells a mere 50 cups a day, that’s a clear profit of over GBP 75 a day, or GBP 2200-2500 per month. In all probability, there will be at least as much extra contribution from additional snacks ordered. All with absolutely Zero Risk, Zero Investment. Guaranteed Profit.

See this video The Ultimate Coffee Seduction to see how easily our coffee gets made (Click here to see how

To get a trial sample box for your restaurant, please get in touch with our team on [email protected] or give us a call 029 20496725

Terms and conditions:

A sample box will be sent from Caffe di Artisan Europe

No cash alternative can be provided

No purchase necessary at sampling stage

Your business contact details will be passed on to Caffe di Artisan Europe to organise delivery of coffee pods, marketing material and after sampling follow up.

Products are subject to availability

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