Businesses need to embrace people technology, not fear it, according to talent experts

In May 12, 2016
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Organisations are failing to embrace technology to improve hiring and people management processes, potentially at the cost of corporate finances. That’s according to global talent acquisition and management providers, Alexander Mann Solutions.

At a time when wastage in the hiring process is high – with the company’s 2016 Global Recruiting Survey revealing that a staggering three quarters of candidates targeted do not meet specific role requirements – the talent expert has urged businesses to conquer their fear of technology.

Despite constant developments in tech, Alexander Mann Solutions has raised concerns that many decision makers are still failing to grasp the benefits of predictive analytics in creating more efficient people processes. According to the experts, this is because of an ingrained concern that ‘robotic procedures’ will lead to headcount cuts.

Jeremy Tipper, Director of Consulting and Innovation at Alexander Mann Solutions comments:

“There appears to be a real fear of a ‘robotic workforce’ embedded into some leaders in the world of business. But it needs to be clear that the use of technology in people management should not be cause for concern, in fact it is a financial imperative. If we take the talent acquisition process, the use of predictive assessment tools – which scientifically assesses an individual’s core competencies, soft skills and personal profile in line with the role and company culture – can significantly reduce the number of irrelevant candidates that are put through the hiring process, thus saving valuable time and resources.”

“That’s not to say that predictive analytics will replace hiring and talent managers. The success of these tools is rooted in the fact that it is guided by humans, but – rather ironically – it can remove the human error that is prevalent in many processes today. By embracing technology in the workforce, organisations can improve colleague and customer engagement, reduce time investment and ultimately save money. Who wouldn’t want that?”

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