A cast of excellence in the sign of “natural cooking”.

In November 6, 2016
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Cast iron is a material that retains heat better, it spreads slowly and distributes it in a perfectly homogeneous. Ideal for cooking foods such as meat, fish or vegetables in a short time, low-fat, is excellent partner of healthy and natural cuisine , in tune with the new trends in contemporary taste.
By expert processing of the material by methods that combine the ancient tradition of craftsmanship and the innovative drive of the most advanced technologies, born of very high quality cast iron Finco Foundry specializes in mergers addressed exclusively to the food industry and with an established professionalism, in the sign of best made in Italy.
The high level of expertise gained over the years has allowed the company to create professional tools of excellence and unique design for the best kitchens that provide high performance and absolute reliability in terms of food safety. A safe, certified by stringent industry regulations, the result of careful selection of raw materials and constant innovation and optimization of production processes that bring to the fore the health of people and the environment.
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